Sendi Fiorasi

When the soul is ready, so are things, come and discover your immense value and bring it into your life!

Sendi Fiorasi

Naturopath, hypnologist, bioenergetic facilitator, medium.

My name is Sendi and I am a soul traveling this earth like all of you.

I have always loved being able to communicate with many people, I love the melting pot, a society that lives and allows the mixture of elements of different origins, with the result of building a shared identity, this passion has allowed me to graduate in international relations.
But there was also another part of me that had always remained active and enclosed in a sacred space, a sensitivity that expanded my perceptions, an always active magical space that allowed me to communicate with every being and enclose in a single circle messages, visions and channeling. One day, as when you reassemble the pieces letting a strong light through, I decided to recompose those pieces to create something magical that could also help other people and bring to light a gift.
The strong sensitivity and the desire to find a bridge of communication between body, mind, spirit and soul led me to the search for energetic and spiritual techniques that would help to unlock people by untying knots and strengthening the way of the soul, accompanying them to discover their true purpose of life and their deep origin, thus becoming a spiritual coach, regressive hypnologist, PSYCH-K® facilitator and teacher of the Akashic Registers.
Feeling then a strong call to the bionatural and energy sciences I became a naturopath with a specialization in childhood naturopathy. So through natural paths and rediscovery of the self I put in place more bioenergetic and evolutionary disciplines with a multidimensional approach to reharmonize and recreate your natural vital balance, passing from technical hypnosis, to Essene therapies, craniosacral, quantum radiesthesia, crystal therapy and much more.

“Imagine arriving at a certain point in your life, where you have the opportunity to review everything, to discover what you have been and to take back all the threads of your wonderful destiny, to weave a new path where soul, mind and body meet again. It is all already within you, you will learn to discover yourself, love yourself and shape yourself again. You can transform yourself, and that will change everything.”

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