Sendi Fiorasi


The akasha is a field of information that pervades everything. The word comes from the Sanskrit akasha which indicates the ether, The fifth element, the fifth essence, it contains all the information. The akashic register represents the memory of universal reality and can refer to historical periods, facts, concepts, people, families, companies, cities, nations and planets. Any non-living living object or living form can have an akashic record that can be read. Reading the Akashic Records gives you the opportunity to consult your Book of Life which contains all the memories and decisions of your Soul. In fact, Akasha is the essence that permeates the Universe, here the energetic recording of everything that exists takes place, be they people, animals, plants, planets or stars. This plane of consciousness is metaphorically described as a Library that contains the books or Records of all that has existed, exists and will exist.  You too, like each of us, have your own Akashic Record containing the energetic and vibrational memories of this life you are living, of past lives and of the lives you will live. 

Being able to access your Registry allows you to know:

  • What you have come to learn in this life.
  • What are your gifts and talents
  • What is your Mission or Purpose of Life.
  • How to remove limiting beliefs that block and boycott you,
  • How to Overcome Obstacles in Remembering or Pursuing Your Purpose

In the Akashic plan dwell Beings of pure Love and it will be to them that, as a Reader of Akashic Records, I will ask for advice and guidance for you. The Reading of the Akashic Records can only take place at the request of the Consultant, and in relation to his questions and what the Masters wish to communicate to him. I am a Master of the Akashic Records and in my tradition there is a technique that is AKASHIC HEALING, it is an energetic technique that allows immediate healings on all those things, thoughts and pains that you are aware of and that you are ready to let go and heal. So if you are at this point, that is, you already know a lot of things, or you have problems that you have been carrying with you for a long time and to which you finally want to say goodbye then you can proceed to Healing through the Akashic Records. The following are the most frequently asked questions that are asked during an Akashic Log Reading:

What is my life mission?

  • Why are certain dynamics or situations manifesting in my life?
  • What can the situation I live in make me understand?
  • What can I do to improve my health/physique?
  • Why did this happen to me (…) and what do I have to learn?
  • How can I heal from this thing?
  • How can I forgive a person who has made me suffer so much?
  • What can I do to help that person…?
  • What can I do to overcome my pain about a given situation?
  • How can I interpret and overcome the blocks that are stopping my evolution?
  • Is there a Karmic relationship with that person?

The Readings take place in a climate of peace, respect, openness and deep acceptance. There is never judgment but only the unconditional love of the Masters and Guides. Each Reading of the Akashic Records is a unique experience. At the time of booking you will have to prepare 7/8 questions. I will then proceed with the opening of your Records, I will begin to ask the Masters and read your Book of Life, or I will do the akashic healings you have requested. It may happen that the Masters also have more things to tell you, but whatever message you receive will be for your Supreme Good.

If for various reasons you cannot get the time to do an online session, I can also send you the recording directly in the form of audio within a week of the request, after receiving the questions from you, so you can listen to it at the most appropriate time for you.


I will contact you by email to answer you and get to know us better!