Sendi Fiorasi


During the session the hypnologist leads the person into a natural state of relaxed concentration, meditation, respecting the characteristics and natural freedom, during this relaxation in theta waves it will be possible to understand and see multiple past situations or in other levels of the self that will lead to a greater awareness of life. Hypnosis, even deep hypnosis, never goes against the ethics of the person, it never goes beyond what the person considers right for himself.

The control of the whole experience is always in the will of the person who chooses to be hypnotized.

What are the benefits you can have from regressive hypnosis sessions: 
  • • The conscious retrieval of memories related to experiences that have taken place in “other existences”, and that can give you many answers about facts and events that continue to happen in this life by interrupting the links of the karmic chain.
  • • The promotion of the process of transformation, evolution and growth of Self-consciousness
  • • The discovery of the positive meaning of current life thanks to the meaning of the awareness that has emerged
  • • The improvement of the relationship with yourself and with others
  • • The resolution or in any case the reduction of conflicts, fears, repetitive errors, habits, wrong choices.
  • • The awareness of the reason for the peculiar traits of your personality, inclinations, preferences, interests, relationships, affections etc …
  • • The awareness necessary to promote the achievement of completeness and identification of the Self
  • • The rediscovery of the soul mate, of the loves of the past, of the people we love
  • • Learning the Lessons of Love and Compassion
  • • The ability to receive spiritual messages from deceased loved ones. .
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