Sendi Fiorasi

"If you could find a way to discover yourself,
Would you do that?"


The magical thread of destiny

“Extremely fluid and engaging, I was moved several times. I have to reread it, I want to reread it… It leads you to reflect not only on the connection of souls and on the continuous finding yourself in the multiple lives, but also on how you are and why you are, on your life path and on your daily choices, on your ways of acting to face situations, on the why of certain fears, and you find yourself having the need to give answers to a lot of questions … congratulations to the author, not only for what she wrote giving us these wonderful testimonies of souls, but also for the help she gives and for the way she does it.”

Sendi Fiorasi

author of "The magical thread of destiny"

Always passionate about communication and emotional intelligence, she graduated in Linguistics and later in Languages for international communication. In an essential moment of her life, the spiritual world, with which she has always been in contact, and the strong desire to search for a connection between soul, mind and body push her to start research and studies on multiple disciplines becoming a regressive and progressive hypnologist, teacher of akashic registers, neurolinguistic programmer and bioenergetic facilitator. As a natural medium and channel of communication between heaven and earth it is dedicated to human and spiritual help and support while continuing to develop and introduce new methods and connections to help people develop their intrinsic awareness and power.


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Per who is thought

This book is for you, it is for everyone, if you have come across this page it is no coincidence, maybe you were looking for a new way, a breath, a beacon, a discovery. Whatever it was, in these pages you can rediscover yourself, see the world with different eyes. It speaks of 21 souls, 21 archetypes who through regression to past lives have found their loved ones, rediscovered who they were, let go of karmic knots, rediscovered their loves, let go of their fears, talked again with people they had not seen for a very long time and rediscovered their arts, their value.

Why you should buy it

I wrote it so that you can have a transformation, as you read about these 21 souls you will feel enveloped by their thoughts, lives, loves, paths, contacts.
Each soul is an archetype that will help you let go of your archetypes as well.

21 souls in 21 days…
… 21 days to be reborn.

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