Sendi Fiorasi


As a naturopath I study the functioning and health of the human body and mind, in a holistic perspective of promoting well-being, and never of diagnosis or treatment of pathologies. Naturopathic medicine is designed to work with this intrinsic healing ability holistically to restore the balance and harmony of the whole person.
The key concept on which I will base myself to be of help to the person is vitalism, that is, the conception that all living beings possess an intelligent and living energy that gives us an innate ability to heal. Naturopathic care principles recognize that each of the parts – the body, mind, emotions and spirit – are interconnected and constantly interact. Having a disharmony on any of these levels can have negative effects on the body: in other words, cause disease. Therefore I will take care of considering every aspect of the personality of the person’s life and the environment precisely to recreate a natural intrinsic harmonious balance.
Over time I then specialized in childhood naturopathy as well as in adult and third age. It will be in my interest as a naturopath that the child is surrounded by a series of treatments (not in the clinical and health sense of which he will be a medical and pediatric field) and attentions that go beyond the simple concern for his health, and that build the best conditions that allow him to grow healthy and serene. I will provide proper advice to parents at the same time, who must be informed and trained about all possible precautions, all the scientifically supported news and data that may concern the health of their child, so that they can form a clear and exhaustive idea and a more complete vision of the problem, in light of the different approaches to it that I will propose to them through naturopathic counseling.
During naturopathic consultations I accompany each person or every child to let go of tension and suffering or pain in a completely natural way, using bioenergetic techniques such as reflexology, iridology, Essene therapies, cranio-sacral, chromotherapy, radiesthesia, metamorphic technique.
We can do sessions online or in person, for online sessions will be counseling and rebalancing of emotional states and stressors, in those of person we will restore the body also through bionergetic touch techniques.

I will contact you by email to answer you and get to know us better!