Sendi Fiorasi


Mindfulness is a technique, a tool used to improve the quality of life. For some it is a “philosophy of life”, a state of mind. 

Its purpose is to promote well-being and reduce anxiety and stress, and it is practiced to better understand oneself and the surrounding reality in the present moment and to act/react in a lucid and conscious way. Through simple meditative techniques you will learn to let go of thoughts, mental, physical, eating habits, you will relax and connect with yourself. You can replace reactive, automatic and destructive behaviors in everyday life with conscious and functional choices and continue to apply them in everyday life. 

EFT and TFT are also known by the term Tapping, it is a help technique without contraindications and totally painless that combines in itself, in a synergistic relationship, two different forms of healing science: acupuncture, very ancient and part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mind Body Medicine, recently discovered and often identified as Energy Psychology.

The assumption, which is the basis of everything, is that any physical and emotional problem is due to an imbalance in the energy system of the body: solved this imbalance the disorder no longer has reason to exist and in fact, more or less quickly, it vanishes.

Together in our path we will use this type of techniques and many others as neurolinguistic reprogramming and use of simple hypnotic techniques for the development of greater self-awareness. This type of techniques are successfully used in the treatment of pain, diseases and more or less serious pathologies; in case of allergies, food intolerances, strong addictions and the most varied physical ailments; in the same way it is a valid tool for anyone who wants to carry on a path of personal growth, as it proves to be of fundamental help in the face of trauma, anxieties, emotional discomfort, phobias, depression, limiting beliefs and psychological suffering in general.

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